However, as bad as things were, the worst was yet to come, for germs would kill more people than bullets. By the time that last fever broke and the last quarantine sign came down, the world had lost 3-5% of its population.”
― Charles River Editors, The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic: The History and Legacy of the World's Deadliest Influenza Outbreak

Integrum Scientific is a group of scientific researchers, infrastructure builders and communication experts whose skills and creativity have been honed in critical situations when minutes count. We came together during the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa and continue to pursue the greater good of pandemic disease awareness, preparation and prevention.
Integrum’s leaders are pillars in the infectious disease community providing sound, strategic advice to organizations seeking solutions to global health emergencies. Our scientists and clinical researchers have conducted pivotal research and landmark trials throughout their careers, forming a global network of connections with pharmaceutical companies, foundations, governments, NGOs and academia.
Our collective experience working in research-naïve environments with challenging deficiencies in infrastructure and personnel has taught us to involve the local population at every level. They are part of our solution from project inception and at every stage forward. They are our partners in creating a sustainable system to prevent the next infectious disease outbreak. Integrum’s goal is to establish an advisory board that considers each project in terms of its value to ethical scientific research and its influence – long and short term – on the nations and individuals affected by epidemic or pandemic events. This only can be done with like-minded individuals with equal parts scientific experience and the heart for the people and communities affected by infectious diseases.