On-Site Mobile COVID Testing Labs

Learn about On-Site Mobile COVID Testing Labs

Non-Invasive On-Site Testing Labs Now Available

Integrum Scientific, an Outbreak Readiness and Response Company backed by global leaders in infectious disease research, has mobile COVID-19 testing laboratories available and full-service COVID testing and processing available for rent or purchase.

Our labs can provide non-invasive RT-PCR testing for results within 24-48 hours. Our fleet of vehicles is ready to be deployed in the US and globally.

Drawing on the direct experience of our world-renown doctors and scientists who have been on the front lines during outbreaks like the 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak—we have pioneered the development of mobile testing labs.  Our mobile labs provide a customized, rapidly deployable COVID response with on-site laboratory processing for faster results with multiple benefits over traditional labs.

Exercises and real-life emergency responses have demonstrated that drive-through testing and mobile labs offer a higher throughput rate than brick-and-mortar facilities.  Our mobile testing sites reduce the opportunities for disease transmission by keeping potentially sick individuals isolated from the broader public.  Our mobile labs can be set up in the heart of communities in need, so the testing is easier for the populace to access while providing a visual symbol of hope and reassurance that measures are being taken to alleviate uncertainty and stop the spread of the disease.  And, by bringing our labs right to our collection sites, we eliminate the time needed to transport samples to a central testing facility, enabling us to provide high-quality test results in less time.  Our mobile labs also require less staffing, reducing the impact on your overall budget.

We are prioritizing non-profits, NGOs, schools, and corporations. For more information please contact us.

MobileLab interior - Integrum Scientific
MobileLab interior - Integrum Scientific
MobileLab - Integrum Scientific
MobileLab interior - Integrum Scientific
MobileLab - pneumatic roof to fit cargo planes