Fully Integrated Logistics for Pandemic Response Readiness

We are the right team, at the right time, with the right tools.
Meet Our Team

Integrum is a response to:

•  The great unmet need for long-term sustainability in global health programs.
•  The absence of a comprehensive approach to the global threat of infectious and non-communicable diseases.
•  The search for new ideas to prepare for and prevent outbreaks.
Integrum team members build research infrastructure from the ground up, including labs, depots and methods to transport and test samples safely and ethically. We are trained in ICH-GCP to develop and execute successful clinical and non-clinical programs compliant with all local, national and international regulations. We evaluate sampling procedures, assess storage locations for vaccines and supplies, implement backup power and telecommunications options, create in-county transportation mechanisms and navigate complex import/export permits.
It is our ethical responsibility to secure buy-in from local leaders and support groups, creating long-term relationships in the areas we work. We focus on developing trust and fostering a sustainable research environment. 

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