Research Expertise & Capabilities


In preparation for the next outbreak, our IDSAB network enables us to communicate with local governments to prepare pre-negotiated global agreements and to lay the groundwork for country-specific regulatory support to improve our ability to mobilize quickly when an outbreak occurs.

We train and educate people both at home and in threatened communities before an outbreak to help protect and prepare those who will be on the front lines.

We leverage social and anthropological experts to ensure we are culturally sensitive in the communities where we work.

Our Global Infrastructure Development experts establish redundant power and communication capabilities.

And, we work before an outbreak to establish standardized protocols, study documents, and communications lines beforehand to ensure all the major players are speaking the same language.


  • Pre-negotiated global agreements
  • Training & Education
  • Social & Anthropological Expertise
  • Country-specific regulatory support
  • Global Infrastructure Development
  • Standardized protocols, study documents, and communication lines
  • Lab assessments and strengthening
  • Supply chain and logistics support